Ingenious Ways Of Repurposing Wine Crates In DIY Projects

Just like pallets, wine crates can be repurposed in a lot of interesting and creative ways. A lot of these DIY projects revolve around furniture and decorations you can make for the home. We’ve gathered a bunch of ideas here so pick your favorites and start gathering the supplies needed. Keep in mind that you can always adapt each of these projects to make it suit your needs and preferences.


Let’s start with a really simple and useful project: a wine crate coffee table. This can be done using four wine crates and four casters. Basically you just secure the crates together with nails and then add the casters. You can stain the crates using the desired color shade.Full tutorial on site.

outdoor pallets table

Repurposing wine crates into tables is easy and the idea can be adapted to suit a lot of different settings and occasions. A wine crate table can also be used outdoors and in a more formal and special setting such as for a casual or rustic wedding reception.

Wine crate centerpiece

And speaking of rustic weddings, here’s another cute idea which is somehow related to the main theme of this article. A wood box such as the one featured here can become part of the wedding décor. Your table centerpieces can be centered around this element.

Crates shelves and storage

Another simple idea is to stack a bunch of crates to make a sort of wall unit or bookcase. You can even create a themed design. For example, you can arrange the crates in such a way to make the unit slightly resemble a Christmas tree. Decorate it with themed ornaments to emphasize this look. {found on itsprettynice}.

Wine crate and pipes the perfect combo

Not all projects require a lot of crates. In fact, one can be enough if, for example, you want to make a side table. The design featured on brepurposed has metal pipe legs which is an interesting detail, offering the table an industrial look. You can use it combination with other industrial pieces or handcrafted accessories.

Wood coffee table from wine crates

To build a wine crate coffee table, it’s also possible to only use two crates instead of four such as suggested in the previous example focusing on the same idea. Two crates placed side by side can become the base for the new coffee table you’re building. You can create a frame around them so the crates can act as storage bins which you can slide in and out.

Painting edge crates

In the case of a side table, things are even simpler. Basically you can just position the crate on the floor, resting on its side. Use the top as a you would with any other side table. The interior can be divided in two sections by a partition and this way you’ll be able to maximize its utility as a storage space. Use paint or washi tape to add character to your side table.{found on design-fixation}.

Wine crates Magazine Holder

When building a bookcase or a storage unit, you can decide how many wine crates you need based on how big you want the unit to be. Nine crates should be enough for a medium-sized unit. Use fewer if you want a smaller unit and, if you decide than it needs to be bigger, make sure all the crates are secured together and maybe also secured to the wall behind them.

Decorating With Wine Crates

Of course, not all wine crates need to have the same dimensions, shape or design. If you want to mix and match several of them, you can do that and the result will be a casual design with an original look. In addition, you can paint or stain each crate differently for diverse look throughout. This is a very interesting idea which offers a lot of room for creativity.{found on happyinteriorblog}.