Ingenious DIY Wall Clock of House Numbers

Time is what everybody needs. We need time to work, need time to relax, need time to forget or need time to live more. Actually each of us has his own time or moments that we should take advantage every second because it looks like these moments will not last forever as life is too short.

Cool diy wall clock of house numbers 5 500x446View in gallery

Here it is a wall clock that will remind you of these ideas and maybe will make you appreciate your time more. This type of wall clock will be your resistance piece to impress your guests as it will be your own creation. You may use your own imagination and complete this simple design with your own ideas too. All you need is: a clock mechanism, clock hands, original wood numbers, adhesive putty and some spray paint.

The technique is very simple so that you will be able to get a real wall clock in a really short time. You need to paint all these clock parts and then attach them to the wall using adhesive putty. If you love simplicity you may choose a simple color for the spray paint or if you are a joyful person you may choose some vivid colors like yellow, pink, green which will add some more color and optimism to your home ambiance.

Cool diy wall clock of house numbers 5 500x446View in gallery

Cool diy wall clock of house numbers 5 500x446

Now, your ingenious DIY wall clock is ready to be used and count your wonderful moments of your life.{found on fadedplains}