Ingenious DIY House Numbers of Flower Pots

It is a nice thing to find a solution for a problem that helps you go out of the ordinary monotony and when you live in house you can do such a thing even from the entrance. More exactly, you can even use your house numbers.

Diy house numbers of flower pots 2 500x333

These numbers just express your simple address but for a joyful touch of your house these numbers can be used in an optimistic way so they can send away their ordinary use.In order to get a new image of your house numbers you need: some terracotta flower pots of different size, some black spray paint, satin finish lacquer , vinyl house numbers and of course some good mood. You can involve all your family in this “business”.

Diy house numbers of flower pots 2 500x333

You take a flower pot; you paint it with some black spray paint, apply the number of the house and then add a layer of satin finish lacquer. In this flower pot you may plant any plant you would like and then you may put it near your house. Kids may choose their own flower pot with a number, they could plant here the flower that they love, they would take care of it, they would become attach to it and you will see them coming home impatiently at their favorite house number pot.

Definitely the passers –by would turn their heads back and smile when they would notice these ingenious and beautiful house numbers.{found on thediyshowoff}