How to Infuse The Ocean Into Your Summer Decor

If you live by the ocean, I hope you count yourself extremely lucky. For those of us who are only daydreaming about oceanside vacations, we have to get our sea salt fix in other ways. So, let’s talk about decorating. Yes, you can add seaside bits and pieces to your home decor this summer, even if you live in the middle of the mountains. It is not a decorating crime. There are several ways you can add hints of ocean air to your decor that will make your space feel like an ocean vacation every day. Take a look at these 12 ways to infuse your home with the sea.

Ocean style terrariums

When you think of the ocean, shells immediately come to mind. You probably have some from a past vacation tucked away in a box someplace. It’s time to pull the out and use them in your terrariums for the ultimate oceanside look. (via Sand and Sisal)

DIY rope ottoman

Rope is such a versatile and thrifty crafting medium. Use your DIY skills to make a couple rope wrapped ottomans for your living spaces this summer. They can be useful in your living room, in your bedroom and even on your patio. (via Style Me Pretty)

Ocean shower curtain

Your bathroom might already have a seaside theme so you could consider it finished. Or you could replace your fishy shower curtain with something a little more sea inspired, like ships or whales. (via Urban Outfitters)

Ocean art prints

The prints you hang on the wall say a lot about your style. When you’re going for a seaside feel in your home, add some prints of beaches and waves. They can be pictures you took yourself or prints you bought. (via Centsational Girl)

Netting wall hanging

While we’re on the subject of wall art, drape a large piece of netting across an empty wall this summer. With or without the shells, your place will immediately feel like an ocean bungalow. (via Comfy Dwelling)

Whale measuring cups

Sometimes it’s nice to have kitchen accessories to display during different seasons. These whale measuring cups are so simple and perfect enough to keep in your kitchen all year round. (via Modcloth)

Rope welcome mat

Start your beachy decor right at the door with a DIY rope mat. Coming home every night will make you ache for a walk on the beach while the sun goes down beyond the waves. (via Martha Stewart)

Rustic wood decor

You may not realize it, but pulling out your rough wood cutting boards and natural fiber baskets to display can help add the seaside to your decor in a very simple and practical way. It will make you think of old rowboats and waving reeds. (via Vibeke Design)

lighted candle in sea shell

Making a sea worthy dining room table centerpiece can be a difficult task. But with some shells and some sand, it suddenly became easy. Whether you make candles in your shells or not, it will be almost like having a beachy zen garden in the middle of your table. (via craftsalamode)

Blue striped bedding

Blues and stripes and more blues and more stripes. Blue striped anything looks like it belongs with an ocean sailor. So change up your bedding and your throw pillow covers to proudly display those blue lines. (via Comfy Dwelling)

seashell windchimes

Don’t forget your front porch! A homemade shell mobile that will tinkle all summer long will be a nice addition to your porch. And you can pretend that the breeze that blows those shells is salty and wild. (via Home Sweet Homemade)

Beach inspired hammock living room

If you add anything beachy to your home this summer, make it a hammock. All beach homes know how to make you stop and relax, so adding a hammock to your living room will invite you to do just that, no matter how many miles from the sea you are. (via Completely Coastal)