Infomab10 Pavilion by Studio kg

If you happen to cross matadero cultural centre located in Madrid, Spain, do not forget to take note of the captivating infomab10 pavilion. The pavilion recently finished by studio kg is mobile so we are not just certain how much more time will it spend at its current location.

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The entire pavilion was made using a pre-built glass-fiber reinforced polyester water tank that has an overall volume of 28m cubed. The design also features 100 circular holes drilled into the tank to allow natural light inside of the pavilion. When these holes glow at night, it is reminiscent of the constellation we are so used to viewing at all times. The pavilion gets stairs that lead up to a couple of doors that facilitate circulation through the pavilion. The fact that this structure is mobile will make it more popular as it can be transported anywhere.

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Posted in Design And Concept on April 23, 2010

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