Inflatable roof for pavilion

When it is so cold outside and you are trapped in the house because of the snow, you remember the hot summer nights you spend in the garden with your friends and dream about them. Here is an interesting design for an inflatable pavilion roof that you can use when staying in the garden. It is so nice to spend the night or the entire day out around the barbecue and simply talking, but it can be annoying if it starts raining.

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Well, this nice inflatable roof for the pavilion is perfect and it can be used in all seasons. It is very nice-looking and also easy to use, as you can inflate it by simply using a wood stove that is positioned in the center of the pavilion. The smoke and hot air go directly in the pillow/roof and keep it inflated. Actually people also call it “The roof that goes up in smoke” and so do those who designed it, a Dutch Design studio called Overtreders W.. It is funny, but true, right?  The roof covers all the tables and benches and also the bar , so you can organize a party out without a problem. It was thought as a mobile pavilion that can house about forty people and it was specially designed for for a specific holiday, but it was used after that on more occasions.

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