Infiore – the flower that brings light into your home

Floral themes are very popular when it comes to organizing and designing the rooms in a house, especially if we are talking about a girl’s room or the room you prepare for the kids. It is a lot more pleasant to have a nice floral ambiance when spending your free time in your room rather than having an impersonal room that looks like a hotel room. That is why I simply love the cosy atmosphere given by a nice lamp or chandelier or another lighting device. Let’s take a look at this nice floral design of Infiore, that is developed by Estiluz, a Spanish manufacturer of lighting devices.

Estiluz infioreView in gallery

It looks like a green and leafy water lily hanging from the ceiling and bringing light into your home through its round and big petals. The petals are green on the outside and white on the inside and the entire Infiore looks at the same time fragile and resistant. It brings a bit of the peace and quiet of the lake into your home and makes you feel calm and confident. The diffuse light makes the atmosphere look welcoming and friendly and makes you feel comfortable.