Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas that Don’t Lack Style

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve modern and stylish décor. Here are DIY tips that will uplift your living space without breaking the bank.

Canvas is the New Artwork.

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Hang Some Love

Have you ever thought of using a canvas as artwork? Place it on the wall for instant flair without requiring anything expensive to fill the space. If you have a blank canvas, design something on it yourself. You don’t have to paint – just write some words or an inspiring quote on it that makes you feel good.

Create a Quick Table.

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Instant Storage with an Ottoman

You don’t have to buy a side or coffee table: use what you have in the home. This can include a small shelf, cabinet, or ottoman. In this way you’re styling your home by making good use of items you’ve already bought.

Ornaments from Functional Items.

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Fabric Can Become Interesting Art

Things lying around the house can also become instant art. Decorative plates that you don’t use in the kitchen could be hung on the wall. Other items, such as squares of pretty fabric, can be framed. Now you have unique and creative art at little or no expense.

Add a Shot of Color.

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Paint One Wall

You don’t need a lot of money to add some color to a dull room. Even just one accent wall or painting cupboard doors a bright new color can have a beautiful effect.

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Trimmings Add a Special Touch

Even easier, paint borders around your doors, cabinet glass, or windows in a dazzling color to uplift the room.

Mix Your Items.

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Perfectly Imperfect Eclectic Dream

You might have some items that don’t seem to match others (perhaps if you and your partner have very different décor tastes). However, a balance between the two looks can work. Contrast can be a good thing because it makes the final result more dramatic. Mix and match some items and see what happens.

Update the Details.

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Book Tower Becomes Lampstand

It really is the little things that catch attention and can help to refresh a room. Be creative with your small accessories. In the bathroom, use a ladder as a towel rack. In the living room or bedroom, stack books to use as instant tables. Rethink uses of items for an uplifting change to the room’s design.

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