Industrial-style loft with a fresh, bright and colorful new interior

This beautiful industrial-style loft can be found in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. It was bought by Ms. Maxwell Foster, owner of Tilton Fenwick, an interior design firm, and back then it looked rather depressing. The colors were pale and the whole décor was not standing out at all.

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The new owner decided to give the loft a fresh new look. The owner’s interior design firm is known for its fresh approach on the traditional style so it’s no surprise to see this being used for the loft as well. The transformation was spectacular. The owner used tufted upholstery in brightly colored fabrics and striking patterned wallpaper to give the loft a completely new look.

Aesthetic decor dumbo

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The idea was to create a continuous design for the apartment but to also think out of the box and to abandon the traditional ideas related to symmetry. The goal was for this space to become comfortable and to have a fresh look. The initial state of the apartment was not very encouraging. There were laminate countertops with exposed plywood edges and all sorts of ugly details.

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Nevertheless, there was great potential in this place. As a result, the 1,200-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment with big windows and beautiful views became the subject of a major renovation. The countertops were removed, most the bath fixtures and fittings were replaced and the rooms got repurposed.

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The home office became the master bedroom and the old bedroom became part of the living room. Of course, the most interesting part of the transformation has to be the color palette and all the beautiful patterns and textures that invaded this space. The furniture was also replaced and all these changed had as a goal the creation of a warm and inviting space that could be proudly called home and where guests would feel welcome.{found on nytimes}.