11 Induction Cooktop Kitchen Interiors

In the kitchen, each type of appliance offers various possibilities to choose from. For example, there are three main types of cooktops: gas, induction and electrical. But the induction cooktop is considered to be the most efficient and also the most reliable type of cooktop available at the moment. It presents several advantages.


Modern kitcen inductionView in gallery
Induction cooktops are perfect for minimalist kitchens because of their sleek look

Heat efficiency is one of the most important advantages that come with having an induction cooktop. The cookware receives the energy through magnetic fields so there is no wasted heat. Moreover, no part of the cooktop enters in contact with the pans or pots and thus no heat is released into the room. This is definitely a detail to take into consideration when choosing the cooktop for your kitchen.


Ultra contemporary kitchen built in appliancesView in gallery
You can have the induction cooktop built into your furniture or island
Induction modern kitchenView in gallery
An induction cooktop makes the kitchen feel airy, chic and very clean
Modern kitchen induction View in gallery
With an induction cooktop you can save valuable space in the kitchen

Another great benefit of induction cooktops is their safety. An induction cooktop doesn’t operate with open flames and it only gets hot when a pan is placed on it while the rest of it remains cool. In other words, the cooktop requires a certain size of ferrous metal such as cast iron or stainless steel to touch it in order to get hot. This way it prevents accidental heating

Chic and easy to use.

Induction cooktopView in gallery
Because of their simplicity, induction cooktops are very versatile and match most styles
Modern kitchen with induction cooktopView in gallery
In modern and contemporary kitchens, induction cooktops blend in perfectly
Traditinal kitchen with induction cooktopView in gallery
A traditional kitchen can also benefit from an induction cooktop
Kitchen island with inductionView in gallery
Feel free to place your induction cooktop anywhere you think it’s best
Kitchen island with induction1View in gallery
If you place it on the bar counter you’ll be able to enjoy interactive cooking
Mosaic kitchen backsplashView in gallery
Play with colors and create contrasts for your kitchen décor
Marable kitchen induction cooktopView in gallery
Mix and match styles for a unique design and atmosphere

Induction cooktops are very easy to use and, in addition, they’re also very easy to clean. They also occupy very little space so they offer great freedom and they’re very versatile. Induction cooktops also come in attractive designs and they make a kitchen look chic and sleek.

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