Indoor-Outdoor Furniture by Sifas Kolorado

There are furniture pieces that can be used only inside and pieces that can be used only outside, but there are fewer pieces that can be used both indoors and outdoors. What Sifas Kolorado suggests can definitely be used outside and, at the same time, it is stylish enough in order to be used indoors, too. Thus, the chairs, loungers and tables that can be admired in the photos are available both in black and in white. Everything is important, from the shape, color and materials: sandblasted and electro polished stainless steel bases, seats made of weatherproof  slats and tempered glass tops, in the case of the dining tables.

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Once you see these pieces, you already picture how they would look like in your house, garden or even both. Not only they look good in their simplicity, but they also seem to be perfect in their simplicity. What Uncrate suggests as furniture pieces has an interesting design and seems to be very appropriate, no matter if you need it indoors or outdoors. It is important to like what you intend to buy and when it happens this way and the object is both modern and pleasant, everything is just the way it has to be and things are perfect in their simplicity.Available on site.