Driftwood Lamps That Bring The Beach And The Forest Into Your Home

Driftwood as a material is a beautiful choice when it comes to things like mirror frames, shelves or lamps. Its unique look, texture and identity give each piece a lot of character and have the ability to turn something simple and basic into something extraordinary. The following table lamps use driftwood to stand out and to become focal points.

Large Driftwood Lamp

This is a lamp we found on Etsy. It’s a handmade item created with high-quality materials. The driftwood used around the base gives the lamp a visually interesting look, allowing it to be casual and elegant at the same time. Use the lamp in the bedroom or living room.

Rope and Edison light bulb

Another interesting design is depicted in the case of the Sailor lamp. This is an indoor lamp with a strong nautical charm. It was made using driftwood and rope and uses a vintage-looking bulb which completed its look in the most beautiful way. Consider adding such a piece to your home office.

Driftwood Lamp Sculpture

If you want something larger and more sculptural, take a look at this lamp. A variety of materials including wood, iron, plastic, copper, fabric and bronze were used in order to obtain the one-of-a-king design of this handmade item. It has an oval base and has been treated with natural wax for a timeless look.{found on etsy}.

Branched driftwood lamps

Speaking of sculptures, the Branched Driftwood Lamp also stands out thanks to its unique shape and design. The piece combines two functions into one unique structure. Because the designers sue driftwood for the base, each lamp is unique and varies slightly in shape and size.

Modern decor with an infusion of nature

Because lamps like these are so unusual and always stand out, it’s difficult to give them a particular use. They can be just as useful and beautiful in a living room as they are in an office or bedroom. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you choose to display them, they’ll always become a focal point.

Sculptural lamp bases

Sculptural lamp bases aren’t the only kind that stands out in a dramatic way. Each lamp has its own way of being special, whether it’s because of the combination of materials, the size, shape or simply the way it looks like.