How to Incorporate Spring-y Pastels into a Grown-Up Space

Easter is a lovely holiday with lovely spring-time sentiments. But, when it’s over, that doesn’t mean that the days of decorating with pastel are done for the year! If you love the light, airy, and serene vibe of pastels but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your home décor without making it seem like a nursery, you’re not alone.

Pastel Cushions in Home Decor

But, when done right, pastels are a perfectly lovely way to achieve a soothing style in any grown-up space. Read on for some tips on how to successfully incorporate these beautiful tones into your home in a fresh, chic way.

Pastels antique wood headboard green night stand
Paint Walls with Pastel. The creamy nature of pastels has a soothing effect; thus, opting for a deep-toned pastel wall color creates serenity in the space without feeling juvenile.{found on cococozy}.

Accent wall pastel
Paint Accent Walls Pastel. If you’re less enthusiastic about encompassing your entire space with pastels, consider choosing a rich pastel tone for an accent wall. The back of a bookcase is a great place to start.

Incorporate some black accents
Incorporate Some Black. You don’t have to use much, but throwing in a touch or two of black in a pastel-loving room instantly grows the space up.

Single pastel color living room
Opt for a Single Stand-Out Pastel Piece. An all-white contemporary space is a perfect place to showcase a pastel piece. Keep the furniture lines clean for a modern, grown-up appeal.

Grey pastels in
Choose Pastels with Grey Undertones. Deeper undertones of grey in pastels increase their soothing capacity while simultaneously increasing their versatility as a color. These walls are a prime example of the sophisticated power of the grey-based pastel.

Pastels via Edgy Modern Art
Incorporate Pastels via Edgy Modern Art. The juxtaposition between reputably sweet pastels and edgy modern art a fantastic and unexpected combination. Sure to be a conversation piece.

White pastel bright accents
Pair Pastels with Neon. Neon is very on-trend right now in home décor (in everything, really), and using softer pastels in combination with these vibrant, electric colors is a fantastic way to bring energy to your space. Something to keep in mind: the use of plenty of white elsewhere makes all the colors pop.

Colorful dining room
Use Pastel Versions of Complementary Colors. Cyan and pink have been are used together in completely separate roles in this space (one on furnishings, the other as wallpaper) to create vivid pops of color against a lovely and harmonious backdrop.

Easter table decor pastel
Use Pastels in Small Quantities. When all else fails, keep your pastel décor intentional and confined. Tempered with more mature pieces, such as this chunky industrial-rustic table, even the most Eastery of pastel use can look well in a mature space.