Incorporate nature’s beauty into your home’s décor

Even though our progress as a species has taken us further away from nature than we would have thought, we are still dependent on it and we often get nostalgic thinking about how great it must have been to live in the middle of nature. Sometimes we even get crafty trying to find ways to include nature in our homes. There are plenty of solutions and some of them are very inspiring and interesting. For now we’re going to focus on how we can make the trees a part of our homes.

Kitchen designView in gallery

This kitchen, for example, is quite spacious and simple. It’s been nicely organized and features practical and space-efficient storage solutions. As for the décor, it is simple and inviting and it has a very unusual intruder: a tree. The tree has been painted white as to blend in and it’s a very nice element.

Modern residenceView in gallery

This modern residence has been built around these tall and beautiful trees. The trees go right through the house and they also pierce the ceiling. They have been encased in glass structures that allow them to be admired from inside while being protected.

Bedroom tree insideView in gallery

This is a tree house but not the kind you’re used with. Instead of being built in a tree, the house has been built around several trees that became a visible and structural part of the design. The trees pierce the walls and roof and provide that authentic tree house feeling even though the design is far from classical.

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This is another interesting and unique house that has been built around a large and beautiful tree. The tree pierces the roof in this case as well but, instead of creating a sort of skylight, in this case the opening has been sealed with wood. The fact that the house is almost entirely built from wood makes the atmosphere inside even more unique and welcoming.

Tree decor insideView in gallery

Of course, in order to feel close to nature you don’t necessarily need actual trees growing inside your home. It can be enough to have them on your deck or patio. This patio, for example, includes several trees integrated in its design. The trees provide shade and they’re also great as decorative natural elements.

Bunk bedsView in gallery

You may know how great it can be to fall sleep underneath a shady tree. It’s a unique feeling that the owners of this home tried to recreate in the lower level bunk room. The tree is not very shady but it doesn’t need to be since it’s indoors. It’s just the atmosphere that matters.

Tree kitchen aroundView in gallery

Another great feeling is that of eating outdoors. You can’t really recreate that inside. Of course, you can try. And what better way to do that then to have an actual tree in your dining room to remind you of the beauty that is outdoors and to bring a little piece from that inside…

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