Impressive Stone House in Croatia

Stone houses are so appreciated because they have one of the most important qualities: that of moderating temperature. The house in the picture is not only a beautiful stone house, but also one using the passive solar technique, which is a way to warm houses by using bigger windows facing south. Thus, widening window openings facing the sun get the maximum of heat. Besides these essential aspects, that of great use of passive solar and thermal mass, the old stone house provides the most spectacular view over the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

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It is located in a village on a hillside, a place that used to be a key trading port of the Ottoman Empire. It is a space charged with mystery and at the same time, an example of energy-efficient building beautifully modernized. What is also striking is the combination of old and modern, attractive and successful. Not only the view makes you believe you belong to another world, but also the interior; it is simple and elegant, no matter it is the bedroom, the bathroom with angles contrasting with the ancient walls or the living, welcoming and comfortable.

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The warm tones make everything inviting and pleasant and it is so relaxing that you just feel free to enjoy all the things around you, to breathe fresh air and admire the view. This ancient stone house is not only an example of efficiency, a modernized building, but also one of those amazing places that make you aware of the beautiful part of life in general and the importance of details in particular.{found on ad}.