Impressive Rhino Chair

Rhino is an impressive mammal that imposes itself through a firm attitude and an image which reflects power and strengthens. Its imposing stature, its huge dimensions make of it a ferocious animal .The same features can be noticed to a hippo or an elephant.

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If you are a business person who would like to decorate your office with a piece of furniture that will impress every person who will come in here then you can definitely choose the Spanish designer, Maximo Riera’s impressive Rhino Chair. He designed this imposing chair using the image of a mighty rhino and keeping its natural proportions. The black color and the firm attitude of this animal will make you feel a powerful person at your office that is confident in his or her own forces and abilities and seems to dominate all the others or has everything under control.

If you are a fan of Maximo Riera’s works and you like these types of pieces of furniture you will be delighted to find out that you can admire this interesting Rhino Chair in detail at 100% design London from September 22 to 25, 2011.

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Complete your high professional position with an imposing piece of furniture that will dominate the whole interior décor and will make you feel an imposing person in front of the others!{found on luxissues}