Impressive Office Tower with Undulating Glass Façade in Seoul

The shape of waves has always created a dynamic décor. The continual movement and the undulating form inspire you energy and action.

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If it happens that you see this impressive office tower called GT Tower East you will have the same impressions of dynamism and energy.It is an interesting building located in Seoul, South Korea and designed by the Dutch architectural company ArchitectenConsort.

GT Tower East is a building which impress through its waving glass façade that covers a huge tower of 130 meters height. Although it is a building designed for offices spaces here you can notice a lot of space of commercial and cultural activities and a space for parking.

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Waving building11

Another thing that can impress is the use of solar panels for getting power or the use of natural light and ventilation. So, it is one of the buildings which try not to harm the environment so much.