Impressive Japanese home interior style

The home was completed in December, 2011 and was designed by the architect Satoshi Kurosaki from APOLLO Architects & Associates. The place is located on Mount Kamakura,Kamakura Cityin Japan. Starting from a site area of 111.92 sqm on where the gorgeous house was built, to a total living space of 182.70 sqm (79.29m2/1F, 103.41m2/2F), the futuristic two floor house doesn’t feel the lack of space.

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The view from the house is incredible, you can watch the entire Sagami Bay city. The ceiling of the rooms are made from wood and completed with wooden bars. The ceiling gives you the feeling that you are leaving in the mountains, into a mountain chalet. The brown color of the ceiling wood, combined with the white interior (walls and floor) makes the place a very cozy looking one. The huge windows that come down from the ceiling to the floor, gives the light possibility to enter all over the place, so the house is practically living on natural light in the day.

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A wonderful balcony, where you can get some fresh air and again enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings, is one of the great things about the place. At the second floor you have a kitchen where you can cook, and then a big relaxing sofa and a TV to enjoy your meals. Getting down from upstairs, you will find, at the ground level, a beautiful simple, but very modern, bathroom. At the ground level there is an interior garden that is integrated into the walls of the house.{found on archdaily}.