Impressive Bear Table

Bear is a strong mammalian which impresses us through its massive stature and amazing appearance. They populate the forests of the high mountains and represent a point of attraction when they are admired at the zoo.

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Sometimes the tourists ignore the real danger that might appear and when they notice them they try to feed them and take pictures with them. This way the bears become more domestic and friendlier but those who take care of these natural reservations are not so happy about these events.It is also one of the symbols for Russia and is one of the reasons why a Russian designer chose this image for creating this wonderful Bear Table.Bear Table is more like a sculpture, a piece of art than a piece of furniture.

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The big brown bear with a table top on its back will become an excellent decorative piece for your interior and an attraction point for those who will pay you a visit.

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You may also match it with your interior design as Bear Table is available in natural wood color, red and blue. You may also feel closer to nature and its fauna or it can be a great table for those who have hunting as a hobby.Bear Table is definitely a resistance piece everywhere you choose to put it!