Impressive Architecture and Interior Design on Iron Man’s House

Iron Man’s house is a totally different type of house, first of all because it is a digital house, on top of Point Dume, a Californian State Park. This Malibu cliffside house is Iron Man’s home, so you could not expect to see something common, on the contrary.  Placed in an area where people could not normally build, “our ” home looks more like a spaceship which just landed. It is isolated, surrounded by water and is the most appropriate example of modernism and complexity, a model of the house of the future.

Ironman house view architecture

Its strange shape creates that impression of spaceship, as you would not expect to see a house which looks like a “base”. It can be considered a concrete and glass  house, as concrete and glass are the most obviously used materials. Every piece of furniture and every little element inside underlines the concept of modern, original shapes and cuts that make you think about a future world, maybe the future of humanity.

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It is very wide, it offers a spectacular view and every little detail brings to the idea of an intelligent house in which all things are perfectly placed. There are ornamental stones, all sorts of shapes, circular stairs, big round tables , round ceilings, but all are in harmony with the beautiful lanscape you can admire in the back of the huge glass windows which give you the impression of a even wider space. It is definitely an ideal house from the future.{pictures from Marvel}