Impressing Disque Pendant Lamp

Dutch designer Marc van der Voorn has recently come up with a strange design for a pendant lamp. His creation actually consists in two translucent bowl-shaped discs tied together with just a 65 meter long string. It sounds elementary but when you actually see the final product you get convinced that it’s truly amazing what someone can do with so little materials.

Disque pendan lampView in gallery

The design is not at all complicated. However, the impact it has on the décor is remarkable. The pendant lamp has a very modern look.When I first saw this lamp the first thing that came in my mind was that it looks like a UFO. It’s quite a large piece and it actually looks a little scary, especially when the lights are turned on. It must be really cool at night. The lamp only comes in white, but this is a good thing because the neutral color accentuates the unusual shape and the visual impact is stronger.

This particular pendant would look great in a modern home, preferably in a large living room. If you want to spice up the décor of the bedroom, you could use it in there as well. Anyway, it was designed for big spaces. It’s very interesting how two discs and a string can be turned into something so beautiful and elegant.