Imperial Sofa and Armchairs by Vimercati Meda

Elegance and comfort are essential elements of the classic style living room. Choose a luxury classic with comfortable, soft cushions covered in a longwearing woven stripe or damask. Glamorous sofas and armchairs by Vimercati meda are created to made an ancient atmosphere.

Imperial Sofa and Armchairs by Vimercati Media

Imperial Sofa and Armchairs by Vimercati Media1

Create a soft, atmospheric glow with careful lighting. If you have a central chandelier, fit a dimmer switch so you can create a candle-like glimmer. This set can be complemented by nice cushions with removable covers.

They say that elegance and grace is timeless and never gets old and out of fashion. But when looking at these features I tend to contradict that. They look beautiful and classy but they also look very old and not suited for our time. These are the kind of features and elements that you like, you even love but you don’t want to see them in your house. It’s sad but true, as the lyrics of a Metallica song say. They are beautiful, but it’s time to move on to the real world, that has evolved.

Imperial Sofa and Armchairs by Vimercati Media6

Some people might really consider buying the pieces of furniture, but in order to do that you would have to redecorate your whole house, because you can’t have a vintage sofa when all the other elements have a whole different style. So it’s not enough to like them, they also have to be functional.