I’m Dreaming of a White Bedroom…

There’s something about white spaces that’s enchanting and idyllic. Maybe because they seem like they could never really exist in “real life,” or maybe because the color itself is so pure, or maybe because the textures and details make the spaces come alive… I don’t know the reason, but white spaces intrigue me. These beautiful white bedrooms are no exception.

Country cottage.

Bedroom design concrete wall

The lovely curves and details on furniture pieces in this country cottage bedroom create a delicate escape from the cares of the world. Complete with plush ruched bedding, sweely distressed furniture, and a breezy canopy, this white space is the epitome of femininity and relaxation.

Plush modern.

Bedroom design concrete wall

Two words you rarely see together, “plush” and “modern,” but this room pulls it off elegantly and with ease. Quilted bedding continues up onto a ceiling-height headboard, which is a spectacular effect in a monochromatic space. The angular reading lamps match the angles of the diamond stitch, which ties everything together. As the space is minimalist everywhere else, the obvious priority and emphasis is on the bed and the beautiful view outdoors.

Dreamy Creamy.

Bedroom design concrete wall

Simple, classic and classy, this space is all softness and comfort. A tufted “wingback” headboard adds visual depth while complementing the simple bed linens. There is no excess (except the tufts on the headboard), which allows serenity to speak for itself. Don’t you get the feeling this white bedroom is a well-loved retreat from all the troubles and stresses of life? And, really, that’s exactly what a bedroom should ultimately be.

Traditional Cheery.

Bedroom design concrete wall

A central fireplace, huge simple mirror, and details on mouldings everywhere make this traditional white bedroom both comfortable and lovely. The skirted vanity stool is another nod to traditional style. Vaulted ceilings bespeak grandeur, and furnishings are aesthetic, cozy, and well-thought-out. This room looks like it has been lived in for a while and carefully laid out. There’s even a dog pillow! If that doesn’t say “traditional,” I don’t know what does.

Minimal Contemporary.

Bedroom design concrete wall

When using minimalist style in a space, the details are everything. This bedroom is spot-on in the details. Take, for example, the sheen of the textured wall highlighted by not a chandelier but rather small, well-spaced canned lights. Low, horizontal lines throughout the space are delightfully contrasted with “wild” natural branches. I love how the drawer pulls double as art, allowing the wall space to remain sleek and whole. This white bedroom stunningly skirts the edge of silvery-white, and it couldn’t be more stylish in doing so.

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