Ilium Chair by Damaris&Marc Design Studio

Ilium Chair is the new concept design of Damaris&Marc Design Studio from Barcelona.The Ilium Chair combines plastic and wood to create a piece inspired in a female human pelvis bone.The pelvis bone is surrounded by muscles and skin giving structure to the human body as well as holding organs and the container where the magic process of creating life takes place. It is a very interesting metaphor that is expressed in wood and it is supposed to offer the person seating there the most comfortable chair ever because what could be better than a chair that reminds you of your first “nest” that kept you safe and prepared you for the entrance in this world?

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The seating has two butterfly wings-like parts that come on the sides and are connected by a structure of little pieces of wood that look very similar to the spine bones that make the link between the two pelvic bones. The seating and the weight of the person sitting in this chair is supported by four different chair legs. The front legs are different than the back ones because they look very much like the bones attached to the pelvis, whereas the back ones are made of wood and only have a functional purpose.