Identify the dining table shape that’s right for you

Choosing the right dining table shape for your home is a difficult decision that’s based on several elements. It all depends on the space you have available. The décor and type of interior design you have chosen for the room, the atmosphere you are trying to create and, of course, your personal preferences. Take a look at each of these categories and find the shape that suits you.

1. Rectangular dining tables.

White table ghost chairs
Spacious dining room featuring a minimalist rectangular table
White table ghost chairs
Elegant dining room with a large rectangular table and stylish lighting

Since most dining rooms are rectangular in shape, this makes rectangular dining tables the common type as well. They are ideal for accommodating a larger number of people, especially if they’re also extendable. It’s perfect for accommodating unexpected guests and allows you to always be prepared. The ideal dimensions of a rectangular table are 36” to 42” across but they differ depending on the size of the room.

2. Square dining tables.

White table ghost chairs
Small and intimate dining room with a square tables and benches
White table ghost chairs
Spacious dining room with a square dining table in the center

Even though similar to rectangular tables in a way, square shaped dining tables present a series of unique characteristics as well. For example, their shape allows you to create a more intimate atmosphere and dining experience since the persons involves can sit closer to each other and interact better. They can also be expanded if needed and they’re perfect for square-shaped dining rooms.

3. Round dining tables.

White table ghost chairs
Contemporary dining room with a round table and elegant chairs
White table ghost chairs
Round dining table and matching shapes throughout the décor

A round dining table is ideal for small gatherings and intimate dinners. It’s also perfect for small dining rooms and square-shaped spaces. It allows the persons sitting at the table to better interact with each other and to maintain eye contact at all times. Large round tables are not practical at all. They occupy lots of space and, even though you can still see the others, they seem far away. But round tables can also be extended and this solves most of the problems.

4. Oval dining tables.

White table ghost chairs
Eclectic dining room with a small oval walnut table
White table ghost chairs
Minimalist oval table with a delicate shape, complemented by transparent chairs

The oval dining table is the more delicate version of the rectangular table. But visually it seems to occupy less space because of the rounded corners. It’s a great choice for narrow dining rooms or smaller spaces. It can sit more people than a round table. However, a round table with an extension can turn into an oval table while also seating more persons so it could be the ideal choice for small spaces.

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