Ideas to update old cushion covers

Do you wish to spruce up the home décor? Do you feel that the old cushion covers have lost their luster and glow? Or do they appear just boring or outdated? Do you have very little to spend on the home décor? Well, if this is the case, why not consider updating the old cushion covers. Updating the old cushion covers will impart the cushion covers with a new fresh look, and allow you to enhance your home décor.

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If you find the idea appealing, you will be delighted to know that updating old cushion covers is a very easy project. All that is required are few creative ideas clubbed with precious efforts. Let me now give you some interesting ideas to update your old cushion covers –

Add a new fabric slip to the cushions – a fabric slip can breathe in life to your old boring cushion covers and translate them into gorgeous home décor item. In order to create a slip for your cushion, choose a fabric that blends with the home décor. Shimmery, glitz and flowery fabrics can jazz up the look of the cushion covers. It is always better to put up the slips vertically, as it gives a designer touch to the cushions.

Sofa Fabrics 3

Add or change the trims and ribbons of the cushion – an easy way to update the look of old cushions, is to add trims and ribbons to the cushion. Collect few fabric trims and ribbon that go well with the desired look. Sew these ribbons and trim in various styles on the cushion covers to create unique cushion covers. You may create a striped effect by employing different colored trims alternatively. You may also ribbons and trims to the corners of the cushion covers. On the other hand, if the cushion covers already feature trims, just add new ones on top of them for a fresh look.

Add buttons – Adding buttons to the old cushion covers is another ingenious idea that allows you to recycle the entire collection of old buttons that are lying unused in the sewing box. Buttons are highly flexible as they allow you to create your very own personal patterns and designs. A variety of button sizes along with sequins may be used to create circular appliqué designs. Gemstone or mothers of pearl buttons look excellent when sewed elegantly on the center of the cushion covers.