Ideas for Teen Rooms with Small Space

Decorating small spaces and succeeding in doing it means to be really creative and to have great practical  ideas. Ideas as we all know, rule the word. In addition, necessity is the mother of all creation. Your ingenuity is a veritable and inevitable catalyst, on which your success with designing that small space of yours largely depends on. Here is a set of space saving furniture for teen rooms from Italian maker Clei.

Teen bedroom idea 582x727

The summary is not to purchase oversized furniture but not very small either – just the perfect size for the owner of the room, but the trick is to arrange it so as to be practical and save space. That is why it is highly recommended for these rooms to have the storage place high on the walls in order to offer more space on the floor. So go for the suspended shelves where you can store just about everything with a little creativity.

Teen bedroom wardrobe 582x726

Teen bedroom double beds 582x495

Teen bedroom design 582x456

Teen bedroom decor 582x341

Teen bedroom closet 582x342

Teen bedroom arrangement 582x339

Teen bedroom 582x340

Teen bed design 582x441

Then try to hide the furniture that you do not need during the day – like the bed. Teen will love hiding their bed under the wardrobe for example, so arrange a special place for this. Well, you will find out more by following the link and get inspiration from the best.