Ideal Villa on Vamizi Island,Mozambique

A villa usually makes us dream about holidays, no matter it is in the mountains or at the seaside, but this particular one is a place where you want to stay as long as possible. This place is Villa Sulowilo by COA, located somewhere on Vamizi Island, in Mozambique. This very special corner of the world can mean even more, as it makes you dream and realize dreams come true. With the simple lines and forms of the pavilions, everything is created in order to accommodate the already existent natural beauty.

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It is everything traditional villas stand for and even more; for example, the roof not only provides shading, but it is also interesting and unique in its different uses. The ceiling provides a very large space. The entire house offers great views over the sea and the entire atmosphere, both inside and outside is unique. Nothing compares to some time spent in such a place with an extraordinary African architecture and significant details.

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When you look around, you discover an ideal location of great inspiration. What can be more relaxing than the comfortable bed that invites you to have some rest in a typical African atmosphere? The use of wood emphasizes every detail in the house and the specially arranged space from outside is ideal when you take a break. Words are not enough in order to describe the mood this villa and the surrounding area provide; it must be seen!