7 Unusual Tips And Ideas For A Well-Organized Home

When you have a good system for organizing things, everything seems to fall in place perfectly. Being clever pays off because there are a lot of unusual and interesting ways in which you can keep your home organized and all you have to do is discover or invent them. Let us help. We’ve gathered here 7 ideas that might help so check them out and feel free to improve them.

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A storage system that works for a lot of different situations and spaces is composed of a series of boxes stacked vertically and held up by a simple support. You can build this piece yourself using wood boards. You need four thin wood boards and three drawers or boxes. Basically you just screw the boards to the boxes. Space these out according to your needs and desires. You can then paint or stain the whole piece if you want.

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Small objects such as the kid’s art supplies can be nicely stored and organized in a wall-mounted shelf/desk. When closed, the desk takes no floor space and can even serve as a decoration or a chalkboard for the kids if you use the right kind of paint. Open it up and small storage compartments holding the art supplies will be revealed. {found on ana-white}.

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Here’s a problem we all have: at some point, we end up with a bunch of clothes that we wore once, we want to wear again and we don’t want to throw them in the washer just yet. They end up forming a pile on the couch, chair and basically pretty much everywhere, making the house seem messy. A lovely solution can be to make a fabric hamper and to mount it on the inside of the closed door. You can make it using an embroidery hoop and some fabric. We found this idea on Makingniceinthemidwest. Of course, the hamper can also be used for dirt laundry.

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And since we’re on the subject, let’s think a little bit about the laundry room. There are lots of things that need to be stored there like the detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning products. Not having a system for organizing them will make the space look messy and ugly so consider adding some open shelves, maybe even a closed wall cabinet.{found on viewalongtheway}.

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For the kitchen or pantry, we found a really great idea on ana-white. It’s a drying rack perfect for storing vegetables and other things. Check out the plans and the instructions and build your own. You’ll need plenty of wood and some screws. You can adapt the design and dimensions to your own needs.

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Little things like accessories need to be organized as well. After all, nobody likes having to dig through a stuffed drawer to find their sunglasses or favorite necklace. Consider using the idea offered on Brit.co. It’s an easy to make organizer you can craft using an old window frame or something similar and some chicken wire. You could also use burlap or fabric but then you’d have to also add some hooks or another system for hanging everything.

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We also found a wonderful idea that lets you store your phone while it’s charging. It’s a phone holder which you can make from an empty shampoo bottle for example. You’ll have to cut it in the shape you see here and then cover it in fabric. Make a hole for the charger to go through.{found on makeit-loveit}.