Icila Chaise by Cecile Planchais

Sometimes, furniture is inspired from all sorts of domains. There are times when art plays a very important role. For example, we found a very interesting chair with a design quite similar to that of an origami piece. Origami is an art that originated in the 17th century and which still impresses today. It’s the art of folding paper into all sorts of intricate patterns and using it to create amazing designs. The Icila chaise reminds us exactly of that.

The Icila chair was designed by Cecile Planchais. What’s very interesting about this piece of furniture is that it’s made from a single sheet of metal, just like you make an origami piece from a single sheet of paper. The chair is made of steel so, despite its sleek and very delicate design, it’s actually very strong and durable. Some might say that there’s nothing delicate about folding steel. This piece has a very elegant design. Its clean and simple lines and all the exact angles make it look very well planned.

The 8mm sheet of steel has been folded delicately to form the shape that you see now. The result is a very elegant piece of furniture with a minimalist and sketchy look. The chair is available in a variety of colors including white, orange, black and steel. It’s a very interesting and unusual piece of furniture. Of course, anything so interesting comes with a price. The Icila chaise costs 1800 €. It’s a piece that you can use as a decorative element as well as a functional chair.