Iannone Design 8-Bit Armoire

When you zoom a photo too much and it does not have a too great resolution, at a certain point you will see the picture all pixelated and like it is made of individual little squares put together. This is something specific to computer images or to video games, something that reminds us of the old games like Mario or the first photos made with a digital camera.

Butterfly armoire front webView in gallery

Any way, all those who know what a pixel is will be surprised to realize that the photo in this article is not taken from such a video or computer game, but it is just the photo of an armoire. It is a lovely and special piece of furniture and it has an interesting design on the outside. The lovely butterfly made of a dozen pixels is actually made of lots of squares of wood veneer which are cut by laser and then assembles together by hand in order to be part of this big puzzle that looks like a butterfly.

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You can choose the material for your armoire from one of the following: white oak, English sycamore, ash, koa, sapelle, walnut, wenge . The inside of the armoire is very well structured with shelves of different sizes where you can organize your clothes, but also having a special large area meant to store the hangers. The guys from Iannone Design had the practical purpose in mind when designing it, so the piece of furniture has very useful wheels that allow you to easily move it from one room to another. You can have it now for $5495.00.