Ian Ross’ vision of a healthy & transparent workplace

Ian Ross is the one in charge with Google’s initiative of “Building a Healthier Google”, a project that focuses on creating a healthy and transparent workplace. Thus, he created a mural for the new wing of the offices in Mountain View,California. The mural brings the outdoor in and the deer in the picture best express the idea of nature tranquility. There are three depicted in his organic style: the larger one, which seems to stand around a watering hole or grazing in a meadow, alert and looking at the people entering through the main entrance and two other deer, calm, with their heads to the ground.

Deer wallView in gallery

The closer you get, the more unusual the pattern of their coats becomes; it emerges into a complex design under Ian Ross’ signature and this says it all. It is actually the key element introducing the idea that what we see are no normal deer and where we are is no normal place. Once you enter this space and see the deer, it is as if you enter into a space in which artists are at play and where you expect anything to happen.

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The illustrations are more than beautiful, the motion and contrast in the pattern seem to speak in favor of the environment, animals and everything they stand for. The pattern is a reflection of Ian Ross’ personal interaction with this world, of animals in the wild and it is impossible not to draw your attention.