I-Lumex LED USB lamp

USB lamps are not as popular as the classical lamps but they are as practical and as functional as any light source. Actually, this particular type of lamps could even be a little more functional because it allows you to illuminate small and hard to reach spaces that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do. So from this point of view, whenever you need some light in the back of your computer or just want some extra light for the laptop and still you don’t want to turn on the lights, this is the perfect accessory to use for this purpose.

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This particular USB lamp was designed by Denis Santachiara for the Italian company Antonangeli I Illuminazione and it has a very friendly look. It’s made of fot, tactile silicone that allows it to be fully flexible and adjustable. It also has a very low power consumption and a high light output. It’s a very practical and functional accessory for anyone who owns a computer, laptop, netbook etc. The thing is you don’t really realize how useful this object is until you find yourself in a situation when you really need it and you don’t have it. And once you have one, you can find all sorts of uses for it.

This funny and friendly USB lamp comes in many different colors like red, lavender, graphite and white, for those who prefer a particular color tone.