Hybrid Family Home Mixes Modern And Traditional Architecture

The location often dictates the design of a building and when these elements don’t match the client’s vision, then the architects need to be creative and to find a way to reach the perfect balance. In the case of the Edge House in Krakow, Poland, the location imposed a series of strict requirements which didn’t quite match the style the clients had in mind for their new home.

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Situated in the mountain area, the residence had to follow a series of building requirements which meant it had to have a pitched roof with a minimal angle of 37 degree and eaves. This imposed a traditional look which contradicted the client’s wish for a contemporary, urban home.

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Mobius Architects were in charge of the project and their solution was to create a design that follows the regulations but, at the same time, is unique and modern. In other words, they planned on designing a hybrid house that mixes traditional and modern architecture.

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The 860 square meter single-family home is split into three levels. White arms wrap around the house and embrace the plot, creating a series of terraces and half-open spaces. Its architectural details such as these ones that make the house stand out and give it the contemporary appearance its owners requested.

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The white, curvaceous arms form a garage on one side and a swimming pool on the other. The two structures are connected by an 18 meter long footbridge. Gives the unusual distribution of the building on all these levels, the result is a multidimensional residence with an overhanging frame.

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The interior is modern and elegant. The living area is situated on the ground floor and has access to a spacious terrace. It contains all the main social spaces such as the dining area, kitchen, living space, etc. A freestanding fireplace warm up the ambiance and connects these spaces.

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Floor-to-ceiling glass walls ensure that the social spaces get plenty of natural light and also that they get to offer panoramic views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape. As far as artificial lighting goes, it’s all subtle and chic, in the form of sculptural ceiling fixtures, cove lighting and other types of accent lighting.

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The three levels are clearly depicted from this angle. The cantilevered frame not only offers the house a striking contemporary appearance but also gives the top two floors access to terraces. The glass balustrades allow uninterrupted views to be admired from up there.

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The top floor gets a limited amount of natural light because of the small windows and the pitched roof. Nevertheless, the interior design is simple, clean and transparent.

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