Hunter Coronado Ceiling Fan

I know that it is still winter and cold in most parts of the world, but I will still tell you about this item called Hunter Coronado Ceiling Fan. Ceiling fans can also be used during all the other seasons because they can make an uniform spreading of the warm air in the room or maybe to throw the smoke or bad air out through a ceiling window for example. Any way, these ceiling fans are most useful and used during long hot summers when everybody is looking for some fresh cool air.

28537This fan has a very nice design and looks spectacular being very cool and natural looking. The fan blades are designed to look like big tree leaves and they are very well fixed to the center, the rotor that spins and gives them motion. The blades are five shimmering sand hand carved wood and look amazing, giving a special look to any room. The leafy design of the blades gives personality and style to any room. The fan comes bolted to the ceiling in the upright position or in an angle. The fan is available now for just $305.10 and can be purchased online from Delmar Fans web site.