Huge 3D Plasma TV for Your Living Room

Ever since Avatar appeared on screen, people have been crazy about 3D movies. They want to see movies using this technology and they want to see them both in the cinema and in their own homes. So high tech manufacturers invented 3D plasma TV sets and started selling them all over the place. One of these manufacturers is called Bang&Olufsen and comes from Denmark and its latest product is BeoVision 4 85-inch plasma TV.

Beovision 4 85 inch plasma tv raawb 48View in gallery

It is part of the home theater you can have in your house and it adds a touch of realism to the movies you see there. Any way, this is an amazing gadget first because of its size, which is impressive at its 85 inches, but in my opinion you should only buy it if you have a huge living room or a special room for viewing films because otherwise it’s simply too much.

You can control it and adjust all its features by using the Beo6 remote control and it uses active shutter glasses. You can change the picture quality thanks to the Automatic Colour Management. The anti reflection coating of the screen is also very useful as it allows you to view movies during the day without the unpleasant light reflection. All in all, great product for your home.