Hug Wooden Stool

A home is wormer when you receive in it friends and family. And more friends you have, happier you feel. This is why you should have in your house more stools on which your friends can rest or have a conversation. Considering you may want to have more stools, their dimensions shouldn’t be very large.  On the market are more alternatives, but you should choose the one that suits you best.

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This year Emo Design comes with a new piece of furniture that will bring joy to your house. I’m talking about Hug, a wooden stool that is designed to fit any modern place. The stool has a monolithic constitution and a slightly trapezoidal shape.  This way the stool is very stable and you will not fear of falling down with it. The stool matches all the Elite brand accessories so you can fit it with other catchy items.

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The stool has attached a rope to help you carry it easier. The innovative idea of this rope is its joyful color which adds a little personality to your room. The flashy colors go very well with the natural wood color, creating a playful contrast. It seems the stools were inspired by the exotic cultures. It is so simple and practice and at the same time it gives the impression of wild nature. The stove is handcrafted and it is made from irregular pieces of wood, which makes it unique. The seat has a concave form which will make you state comfortable.