Hub Man

Modern homes are specially designed so as to consider arranging a special place for all electronic devices like computers, laptops , speakers and all their peripherals. This can create an intricate network of unnecessary cables and cords, as they all need to be connected to a power source, that is a plug. Any way, computers nowadays have a lot more peripherals than they used to and you must connect all of them through the USB ports , as this is the easiest way. But most desktops and laptops do not have as many USB ports as you would need at some point, so it is a good idea to find a simple, yet effective solution to this problem and this solution is called Hub Man.

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This computer gadget is actually a human figure made of cords and having USB ports instead of limbs. It is connected to your computer and offers you the possibility to connect at least five devices or peripherals to the computer at the same time. It is cheap and simple, creative and effective. It is made of plastic and has four hubs and can be easily dusted with a soft cloth. It weighs just 0.15 lb and comes with 4.5″  long cord. It is available now for $19.