How to work with turquoise to create chic interior designs

Turquoise is a very beautiful color. It’s vibrant but it can also be soothing and calming. It’s a color that in inspired beauty, freshness and dynamism. As an accent color, turquoise can be sued in any room of the house and it can become a beautiful part of any décor, regardless of the style chosen. These beautiful examples showcase beautiful interior decors featuring turquoise accents.

In the kitchen and dining room.

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In the kitchen there’s not much room for decorations. However, it’s a space that could use some color. This kitchen, for example, also includes a dining area. Both spaces share a long wall featuring a vibrant shade of turquoise. It’s a dynamic focal point that breaks the monotony of the décor.

In the living room.

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The living room needs to feel dynamic and vibrant. However, it also needs to feel inviting and comfortable. Finding the balance between these characteristics is not easy. However, color can be a great help. This living room features soothing turquoise walls complemented by a striped black and white sofa and two very bold armchairs featuring pink upholstery.

In the office.

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Decorating a home office is tricky. On one hand, it has to look professional and to allow you to concentrate on your work. On the other hand, it also has to feel inviting and pleasant so you should have some bold colors in there as well. Turquoise is a very good choice because it’s eye-catching but it’s not distracting and it can be both soothing and dynamic.

In the bedroom.

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When choosing the color for the bedroom walls, you need to be very careful. You don’t want the shade to be too strong but neither too soft. It has to be soothing and calming but still visible. This bedroom, for example, features beautiful pastel walls that were painted turquoise and that are beautifully complemented by tones of green, blue and beige.

In the bathroom.

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Turquoise is a color that beautifully suits the bathroom. It’s reminiscent of water and it can be used creatively to create a very rich and dynamic bathroom décor. This bathroom features vibrant turquoise walls and a large mirror that reflects the color. The combination of turquoise, brown and white is very beautiful as well.

Turquoise accessories.

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As an accent color, turquoise can be used to add subtle touches of color to a décor. For example, it can be used in the form of a patterned rug, curtains, a stylish chandelier, artwork or decorative pillows. In this living room the décor is very airy, light and fresh. The main color is white with turquoise as an accent detail.

Turquoise furniture.

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If you don’t want to use turquoise as the main color for the walls, you could use it in the form of accent furniture. A nice idea is to maintain a neutral and simple décor throughout the room and to only introduce one colorful focal point. In this case, the turquoise chairs are the stars of the décor.

A turquoise door.

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First impressions are very important. So try to create a strong one right from the entrance. Opt for a bold, colorful entrance door. In combination with a simple, neutral façade, the door will stand out and will become the main focal point. A turquoise door would look beautiful against a dark grey or black background.

Turquoise artwork.

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One of the ways you can introduce color into a room is through the use of artwork. In a contemporary décor, abstract art is a wonderful choice. If you prefer turquoise as an accent color, given it’s connection to water and to the sky, you can opt for something very simple that showcases the color without drawing attention on the actual design or pattern.

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