How to Warm Your Cold Bedroom This Winter

Now that the winter cold has set in, it does not mean that your life or related activities should be interrupted. You don’t always have to huddle yourself in bed, clad in extra pair of stockings and covered from the shoulders down with multiple layers of blanket and bed covers. By utilizing a fireplace, space heaters and other creative tips, you can create a warm bedroom in your home, even with the chilly winter air blowing outside.

winter bedroom spring ideas
Brighten your winter home with spring colors

Revive your Fireplace:

Not only does lighting the fireplace in your bedroom keep you warm in the cold winter nights; it also makes the atmosphere within your bedroom more dramatic and appealing. However, in order to make the most of this option, ensure that your fireplace is working effectively. This is because inefficiency of your fireplace might send the much needed heat up the chimney instead of circulating it within your bedroom to keep you warm.

winter bedroom fireplace
Warm your bedroom with a gorgeous fireplace
winter bedroom fireplace brick
Create a cozy bedroom with an addition of a classic fireplace

Bring in Other Sources of Heat:

With the use of smaller space heaters, which are designed to primarily heat up a given room in the home, your winter electricity bill is sure to skyrocket when you make the mistake of heating the entire home always. With a space heater, you only get to heat your bedroom if you will spending more of your time in there.

Work Magic with your Blinds/Window Treatments:

Your windows must not always be closed, especially on those sunny winter days. All you need to do is opening up the blinds on such days in order to bring in the heat into the home. This way, you are able to save money that should have gone into heating the home that particular day. For those very cold days, get your windows completely weather stripped so that cold air will be kept out and warm air kept indoors. It really works.

winter white bedroom
Winter bedroom ideas with warm window treatments

Incorporate Natural Elements in your Interior Decor:

This is another unique way of warming your cold bedroom this winter. Some of these outdoor elements that could be transitioned into your bedroom include wood floors, bricks, use of warm wood tones and flowers. In terms of color scheme, neutrals, winter white and spring colors like orange, lemon green and pink are known to add warmth to the interiors of homes during the winter months.

winter bedroom modern
Natural elements to bring warmth into your bedroom

You don’t always have to experience cold feet and hands just because it is winter. When you learn to keep your bedroom warm with the above tips, there will surely be no dull moment in your home through out the winter. You can even add some nutritious home-brewed drinks to keep you and your loved ones warm.

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