How to Use Mint to Spruce up Your Décor

Emerald was named the Pantone Color of 2013, but it has given rise to other vibrant shades of green. One of them is mint. There’s something very fashionable and compelling about using mint green in your home décor. Here are some quick and practical tips for how to bring it home.

The Various Tastes of Mint.

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Mint and Chocolate are a Design Treat

Mint is a versatile color when decorating your home. When combined with darker colors, such as chocolate brown, mint can work as a very distinctive shade. When used on its own, such as on all four walls of a room, mint is a refreshing take on passive white.

Minty Morsels.

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Subtle Touches of Mint Revive the Eyes

Small touches of mint are great coasters on which the eye can rest, revealing a fresh and crisp color. This small splash of mint is a wonderful choice for a bedroom headboard, for example. It makes the headboard more noticeable but maintains a subtle sophistication by not being too flashy. Mint is a solid choice for someone who wants to bring color to their décor without it being too much of an attention-grabber.

Stronger Mint Colors.

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Green Freshness Guaranteed

Mint does not have to remain a pale shade. It can be worked into a room in bolder palettes, if this is something that appeals to you. Darker shades of mint can be both elegant and dramatic. They can also be combined with other types of green for a bolder appearance.

Work with the Light.

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Place Mint in a Sunny Room for a Warmer Décor Touch

Mint is a color that can work beautifully in rooms which are aerated and bright, calling to mind the season of spring. When used in such a room, mint becomes warm and invigorating, instead of fresh, creating a perfect room to recharge one’s tired mind or boost a bad mood!

The Blend of Mint and Metallic.

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Mint and Silver Create Clean Lines

The combination of mint and metallic makes sense: think fresh and clean sensations evoked by this marriage. A great room to test this theory is in the kitchen. When set against the shiny surfaces of metal, mint brings refreshment.

Brighter Colors Make Mint Bolder.

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Mint is the Perfect Platform for Juicy Colors

Mint does not only blend well with darker chocolate or metallic shades. It can be mixed with brighter colors to add a fruity punch to one’s décor. An example of a color that works well with mint is coral. Brighter shades do not need to be paired off with white or beige. They can be used successfully with other colors to create more appeal in a room. When using mint with bright colors, make sure that they do not compete. Stick to using small burst of the brighter color against the larger surfaces of mint.

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