How To Use Gray Around The House Without Making It Look Boring

Solid and stable, gray as a color is detached, neutral and impartial. It’s the color of compromise as it’s neither black nor white but a transitional shade between the two. When using it in interior design, gray creates a quiet and calm ambiance and is a popular choice in contemporary decors. It’s a very practical color which you can use in any room of the house and even outside. But how gray interacts with the rest of the design is a whole other issue. We can offer a few pointers to help with that.

Gray exterior walls.

If you want, you can also add a little bit of energy to the design with a colored front door

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A gray exterior also allows a house to better blend in
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Use gray if you have a vibrant green lawn or garden for contrast

Use gray for the facade of a house if you want it to look clean, simple and modern. This color is particularly beautiful if the house is surrounded by greenery because the bold shades can complement it.

Welcoming foyers.

Consider using accent colors such as white or red to create a more dynamic look
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Play with different shades of gray to avoid monotony

A foyer or entry area should reflect the style used for the rest of the house’s interior design. Paint the walls gray to create a calm and neutral décor if you don’t want this space to be a focal point for the home.

Gray living rooms.

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Use gray in combination with black to highlight the accent details
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The closer it is to white, the more illuminating gray becomes
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Since it’s such a simple and neutral color, gray is also great for highlighting textures

Gray living rooms are popular nowadays, whether they’re contemporary, country-chic or rustic. It’s great for toning down other more powerful and vibrant colors but it can be the star of the décor as well.

Dining room inspiration.

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Rarely is gray a perfect combination between black and white. Colorful accents energize it
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A room with an eye-catching shape needs a simple design that allows the architecture to stand out

In the case of the dining room, simple, neutral and well-balanced designs are often preferred. This is a room that needs to feel welcoming to everyone so decors which are too personalized in terms of color are not exactly great choices.

Using gray in the bedroom.

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Make a gray bedroom stand out using texture and soft contrasts
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Use shades of gray that are closer to white to avoid creating a gloomy décor
Darker tones work best when combined with white for a balanced look

It makes perfect sense to use gray in the bedroom because of the color’s quiet and reserved appeal. With it, you can create a sense of calm and composure. The bedroom doesn’t need to look dynamic and exciting. It has to be serene and relaxing.

Home office designs.

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The black trim on the ceiling brings together the two adjacent walls in harmony
A serene palette is ideal for a working environment

A home office needs to feel inviting and comfortable but it also needs that professional and sober allure to be complete. This is why it’s often advised to use neutral main colors such as gray to set a stable and impartial mood. Then you can energize the space with your choice of accent features.

Gray accents in the kitchen.

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If your style is closer to traditional, use matte finishes. Glossy furniture has a modern vibe
Wooden flooring creates balance in a kitchen decorated with cold tones

Modern kitchen appliances practically invite you to welcome gray in your home with their polished chrome and stainless steel surfaces. So one of your options is to embrace this color and to let it become the star shade in your kitchen.

Gray bathroom designs.

A simple and balanced design achieved with shades of gray, black and white
Gray can be an accent color in the bathroom. Use white as the main shade for a bright look

Although gray can be considered a conservative color, its simplicity and elegance makes it a prime choice for contemporary interior designs. It’s particular popular in bathrooms where it sets a tranquil mood and is the perfect base color for minimalist decors.