How to Use Antique Rugs

Antique rugs can bring elegance and depth to your home. So before you roll that antique rug out of sight, make it the room’s focus! Here are some tips on how to use antique rugs in your décor so that they become stylish accessories.

A Mediterranean Move.

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Antique Rug Strikes the Right Mediterranean Chord

An antique rug might make you think of a traditionally designed room, but it can also be Mediterranean. If you choose such a rug for this type of room, opt for furniture that is striking. The pieces you choose work best when they contain colors that reflect the rug’s color palette. For instance, a deep blue chair can pick up the blue that is in the rug, creating synchronicity.

Contemporary with Character.

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Old Style Becomes a New Stunner

A rug that has a vintage or antique design can definitely work in a more modern room! In fact, using a rug in a transitional room that blends vintage and modern styles together can be a great way to bridge the two looks. If you are designing a room that is contemporary, an antique rug that showcases similar colors to those used in the room can give it some personality.

Oriental Rugs.

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Classy Antique Rugs Makeover a Room

Antique rugs can be designed with oriental flair. Think sophistication, class, and style. Did you ever consider placing an oriental rug in the bathroom? Probably not, and yet this is a great way to uplift the room, especially if it does not have much going for it in the case of striking décor. Simply rolling out an oriental rug is an easy way to achieve DIY style in a second that will last for years.

From Floor to Walls.

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Antique Wall Art

Sometimes a rug is just too gorgeous to place on the floor. So then why not use it as a visual piece of art? You could hang it on the wall for all your guests to spot immediately.

Dyed Rugs: A Modern Take.

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Antique Dressed in Modern

Dyeing an antique rug can make it work in modern, sleek settings. When the rug is a much bolder shade than what traditionally comes to mind at the thought of antique rugs, it becomes the focus of the room without losing its vintage appeal. The rug in the above image could fit very easily in a majestic Turkish palace, adding a slice of luxury to a modern bedroom.

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