How to Update Parquet Floors

Many people are very tight on budget especially in the same year when hey buy their homes. In such times they tend to look forward to minimize their expenditure flooring is something which has to be done with great care. If the person has already bought a built home from a real estate agent and they find the floor unsuitable to their taste then they can go ahead and replace them even when they are running on a very low budget. Of the floors are made or parquet and require and update they can be done easily without much trouble.

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The first step will be, to identify which all pieces are damaged and requires replacement. If only a few of the pieces are damaged pry them out and replace them with a new tile. While taking them out care has to be taken to see that the floor beneath, and the neighboring woods are not damaged in the process. Usually these parquet woods comes in tongue and groove joints. So usually they are easy to remove, with time they may stick together and become difficult to remove, in such cases use a chisel without damaging the adjacent tile.

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Once the damaged tile is removed scrap off the remaining of the previous tile  from the floor beneath. Once it is clean use the tile adhesive to stick the tile to the floor. If only a single tile is being replaced then the new tile must be made to match with the tongue and grooves of their neighboring tiles.

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Once this is done remove the excess of the tile using a chisel. All the while place a scrap wood above the new tile to help the adhesive to stick to the floor better. Once this procedure is done if the person finds that the new tile is not still leveled, then they can try waxing and polishing the whole floor. While polishing and waxing the floor try to give the floor a dark color like that of dark walnut with matte or velvet finish. This color will give the room a look of luxury.{pictures from here}.