How To Update Boring Walls

Do you love the look of your home but feel that the décor could do with a lift? Perhaps you feel that you have everything just as you would like it, but that a change is needed? By adding to the design elements of a room you might very well make it appear to busy, but starting over with an entirely new design may not be needed either. A simple, and highly effective, way of updating a room is to refresh the look the walls.

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Once you have selected your room’s color scheme it can be tempting to make all the walls in it look the same, but this can be a little boring. Give your room a makeover by updating just one, or two, of the room’s walls.

Accent Walls.

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Similarly colored walls will, of course, always go together well but the look can be a little boring. By accenting one of the walls in a room it is possible to make the design work in a refreshing way. Choose a contrasting color and paint one entire wall in that hue. Select a color that works with the rest of your furnishings. Two tones are relatively easy to work with, but three is good as well, especially if one of them is white. Accent the wall that is furthest from the natural light in your room. Paint it from the floor to the ceiling. Your other walls should be plain to get this look right, without zig zags or other geometric patterns.

Natural Wallpaper.

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Wallpaper is an ever popular choice for making walls appear less boring. A good tip, that is a fashionable choice, is to go for a wallpaper design that has some natural inspiration to it. Repetitive motifs that include tree trunks or floral designs are on trend. A good approach is to cover one wall only with your choice of wallpaper. Alternatively, part paper three walls, used in combination with another wall covering, such as tiling. This can look particularly effective in a bathroom or a kitchen space.


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Stencils are a great way of making a wall look updated. It can be one of the simplest ways of achieving a new look and they don’t cost much, especially if you choose to design your own stencil. Avoid a small stencil design that you repeat in rows or straight lines across a wall. Larger and more dynamic stencils are more effective. If you don’t have the necessary graphic design skills to make your own, there are plenty of professionally made stencils that you can buy, covering a huge variety of styles. To get the look neat, ensure that the stencil is laid flat against the wall and apply paint evenly with a mini hand roller. Repeat the stencil just a couple of times for the best impact. Don’t overuse it by stencilling again and again.

Novelty Wallpaper Designs.

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Are you thinking about doing something a little out of the ordinary with your wall? If you really want it to stand out from the crowd, choose some novelty wallpaper that defies convention. Many wallpaper stockists will have something outlandish for you to look at. And, if none of the novelty designs seem quite right, try designing your own. There are plenty of wallpaper makers who can work with your bespoke designs.

Add Texture.

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If you have a large wall that you still want to remain plain and in keeping with the rest of your room’s existing décor, then adding texture to it can be the best way to make it look less boring. A dull, plain wall can be enlivened by three dimensional ripples that catch the light in different ways. Waves, or repeated moulding designs, can give your room an air of sophistication. Mouldings are tricky to pull off, so it best to hire an expert if you want a textured wall. However, you can achieve a similar look with moulded tiles as well and these are easier to fit.

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