How to Turn a Basement Into a Bedroom?

Most of us tend to regard the basement space as a dark area which can only be used for stocking things, which are not used frequently. Frankly speaking, this is only because, the area isn’t designed properly. You will be delighted to know that a wasteful basement space can be easily transformed into an appealing bedroom area. In addition, the process is cost-effective and extremely easy. Below is a list of guidelines to help you out –

Twin Basement bedroom

First of all, you need to clean the area. Remove furniture pieces, boxes and other stored items, so that you have a blank floor to work on.

Sweep the floor with commercial to get rid of dust, dirt and any unpleasant marks. If you are easy on the budget, you may install new flooring, for which tiles are the best option as they are sturdy, attractive and affordable.

Basement areas are usually marked with moisture problems, and you need to take care of this. Wall in-setting with paneling or drywall should do the needful.

Twin Basement bedroom

You may even want to get the electrical network done throughout the framework as most of the basements are known to feature limited natural light. In addition, do not forget to make provision for additional ceiling lights.

You may even wish to provision a bathroom with the bedroom. If this is intended, ensure that the plumbing and other relevant works are taken care of.

Once the place is prepared, move in the furniture pieces. A bed and a side table are the basics. Then depending upon the availability of space in the room, you can choose to select dressing tables, chairs, desk, entertainment center, etc. However, ensure not to overcrowd the room.

Twin Basement bedroom

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As the bedroom is actually a basement space, there may not be any storage solutions. So bring in a wardrobe and install open shelves and hanging racks for storing varied things. You may even place a trunk on the floor for storage of miscellaneous items.