How To Transform Your Basement Into An Extra Room

The basement area is a real treasure as it can become anything you want. It has the potential to be turned into anything: a man cave, a games room, a playroom for the kids, a guest bedroom, a laundry room, etc. it’s up to you to decide the best way to make it useful.

Turn it into a cozy living room.

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Basements are actually very cozy. They may not have a lot of natural light since the windows are small or missing but it can be easily turned into a living room. It’s all about the layout and the furniture. Include warm and comfortable textures and avoid dark colors.

Or an entertainment room.

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Assuming you already have a living room upstairs, the basement can be turned into an entertainment or games room. You can have a pool table, a ping pong table, a game console and feel free to also include a bar.

Use it as a laundry room.

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Not all houses have the luxury of including a separate laundry room. But if you have a basement, then you can transform it into a laundry room or, even better a multifunctional space where you can work, wrap gifts or take care of other things.

Turn it into a man cave.

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Another very practical idea can be to turn the basement into a man cave. Get a couch, some armchairs, a table and a large TV. If there’s enough space you can also include a small fridge or a bar.

A playroom for the kids.

Turn the basement into a playroom for kidsView in gallery

Basement playroom for kidsView in gallery

The kids would sure love to have their own space where they can play and have fun with friends. Use the basement for that. Paint the walls an attractive color and make sure you create a cheerful mood with bold colors and fun shapes.