How to transform an old and ugly dresser into a show-piece

Lots of people have old pieces of furniture. Even though they get ugly they still don’t want to throw them out either because they have an emotional connection with that particular piece of because they think they might some day restore it to its original beauty. If you have an old dresser that you’d like to transform here is how you could do that.

Before -after Dresser

First you need to prepare the dresser. This means you need to remove all the hardware. Wash everything of with mild soap and water just so that you can get rip of the residue. Now the fun part starts. Choose a type of paint and a color and get to work. If you want to go with the easy way, choose a spray paint. Let it dry and repeat if necessary, the wipe it all down with a cloth. If you prefer something more durable, go with the type pf paint created for exteriors.

When you’re finished painting everything, turn your attention to the hardware. Clean them with a toothbrush. Then bring them back to life with a new finish. This particular dresser had black hardware but it wasn’t the best color to go with its new look. Silver seemed like the perfect choice. You can do the same with any other metal parts like the legs for example. When you’re done put the handles back on and you have a brand new dresser.{found on salvagesavvy}