How to take care of your vacuum cleaner

The general impression is that vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and even a baby could operate them. Well, this is true, but how come some of them break so easily and need to be repaired over and over again and finally you will have to replace them with a new one? I am talking here about the same model of vacuum cleaner, so the difference resides not in luck, as you might think, but in the user. So it is very important to use these appliances properly. This keeps them working for a long time and makes their lives longer. Here are a few tips you might find useful.

First of all read the instructions before using your vacuum cleaner. I know from my own experience that most people ignore these instructions because they think they already know them. Well, by reading them you can find out important information, for example if your vacuum cleaner is designed to vacuum liquids or not or maybe small hard objects or not. If it can’t do that and you still use it to vacuum water or other liquids from the floor, this may damage it permanently by short-circuiting the inside or something similar.

Do not wait until the bag or dust compartment is too full of dirt because this will make it overheat and also be less effective, not being able to vacuum all the dust and dirt. And it’s only one step to overheating it regularly to burning its engine.

Pay attention to the cord, as it is considered a vulnerable spot. Make sure you leave enough cord available when you move around the house because otherwise it can be pulled off the wall plug and if you repeat that over and over again, that can damage the engine, too. If it does not affect the engine it might pull the wall plug and cause some other damage, especially if there are some small children around.

If the dust bags are not permanent, they need to be changed regularly so as to avoid being damaged and leave the dust spread inside the vacuum cleaner.