Solutions For Storing The Toys In The Kids’ Playroom

Storage is a key feature in every room of the house and it takes different forms in each case. The kids’ playroom must feature efficient and practical storage solutions that teaches them how to be organized. All the toys must be kept in accessible spaces and storing and organizing them must be simple and fun.

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Organize small toys, puzzles, lego pieces and other similar items in separate containers. You can label them or opt for clear or see-through containers so it’s easy to identify the contents. You can stack them on shelves.

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Storage baskets are just as practical. In this case, labeling them is important. You can organize all the toys and baskets inside a bookcase. The Ikea Expedit is particularly versatile and useful in such situations.

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To maintain a clean look and an inviting ambiance, hide all the toys in simple boxes or other type of containers which can fit inside a wall unit. There’s even extra space on top for displaying the kids’ favorite toys and games.{found on manor}.

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Use colored containers to better organize all the toys. This is particularly practical if you have more than one kid. They can each have their own color and the same number of storage containers where they keep their own toys.

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Not all the toys need to be tucked away in containers or boxes. Some could enhance the room’s cheerful look if you display them on open shelves. Perhaps a few dolls, stuffed animals or robots could occupy these spaces.

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Sure, if the toy collection is really large, you’ll need a special storage area for them. Maybe you can have a closet just for toys. Put them all in labeled boxes and store them on open shelves. Board games and things that come with their own box can occupy a separate zone.{found on organizedliving}.

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And then there’s also the most simple solution of all. Keep all the toys in a big trunk. It can feature castors so you or the kids can easily move it around.{found on greencouch}.